SIB Case Study 2

Pratima Sikdar lives with her son and his family in Namkhana, a village in West Bengal. She has a small business set up at Bakkhali beach, where she rents four chairs and umbrella shades at 0.75c (INR 50) per hour. She owns 36 chairs and every day she shifts them countless times to keep them at prime spots on the beach and beyond the reach of the water. Her business ensures that she can sustain herself and contribute to her son’s family. “He is a fisherman and his income is very erratic. I have two granddaughters. I want them to study and we all know how expensive education is,” said Pratima, who had to drop out of school after her second grade.

Two years ago, Pratima had developed a cataract in her left eye. Later, her right eye also began to trouble her. “I could not see what was in front of me and then one day everything became blank. I was so helpless. I couldn’t work,” she said. “Had the Seeing is Believing by Standard Chartered community health worker not taken me for the operation, my world would have remained dark.”

Pratima underwent a cataract surgery on both her eyes at the Seeing is Believing by Standard Chartered partner hospital in the Sundarbans. She can now see clearly and feels that the project has given her a chance to meet people and forge new bonds. “I have a new granddaughter and she always asks me how I am doing,” Pratima said with a smile, referring to the Seeing is Believing by Standard Chartered community health worker.

Partner Testimonials

  • "The partnership with Standard Chartered Bank is going to impact the lives of millions of lives with vision impairment through the modern version of primary care Vision Centres supported by the bank. Yet another transformational programme is through building professional careers to young women from disadvantaged backgrounds financially and geographically through the education programmes supported by the bank. One feels immensely gratified seeing the change in these girls . Their progress in turn benefits their families . We are grateful to Standard Chartered for making this possible

    Dr. Gullapalli N Rao

    L V Prasad Eye Institute

  • "We are delighted to partner with Standard Chartered Bank for initiatives in Holistic School Transformation & Drinking Water for our rural communities. This support will provide access to quality and joyful education reaching out to over 29000 children and sustainable access to drinking water for ~1500 Households. Look forward to together building a better future for our rural communities, taking a step towards creating One India - an India that is not marred by the Rural and Urban divide."

    Ronnie Screwvala

    Founder, Swades Foundation

  • "Standard Chartered Bank is one of our key partners supporting the cause of 'Safe Drinking Water to All'. Together we have demonstrated our serious commitment to help local communities in leading better and healthier lives. In the last 4 years we have created safe drinking water access for 82,000 people and going forward over the next 3 years we will support over 100 villages and impact the lives of additional 90,000 people. As a partner Standard Chartered Bank has always emphasized ‘Innovative Solutions’ and ‘Sustainability’ driven by community ownership.

    Anuj Sharma

    Chief Executive Officer, Piramal Sarvajal

  • "The Standard Chartered Bank-Teach for India partnership has helped us tremendously as we work towards our vision to provide an excellent education for all children. A remarkable feature of the partners hip has been the extension beyond the boardroom to the employees, Fellows and students' lives. Standard Chartered Bank employees have committed many hours in our classrooms. The recent Financial Literacy training conducted by your Finance Team using the student-friendly RBI Comic-books in our classrooms in Mumbai is a brilliant example of how the employees shared their wisdom to provide exposure to our students who would transfer the learnings in their communities on the various Financial tools available. I am grateful to Karuna and the Standard Chartered Bank team for their investment in us and our children. On behalf of my team, thank you very much and we look forward to having you as our crucial champion as we aspire to infuse 5000 leaders in the ecosystem by 2022-23."

    Shaheen Mistri

    CEO and Founder Trustee

  • "At Project Nanhi Kali, our aim is to enable underprivileged girls to complete schooling with dignity. We are extremely grateful to Standard Chartered Bank for joining us on this journey and supporting the education of over 4200 girls from underserved communities in Mumbai, Moga, Visakhapatnam, Varanasi and Barabanki. Every girl receives quality academic support, access to digital tablets preloaded with educational content, essential school supplies and even feminine hygiene material. With the provision of continuous nurturing, dignity, education and care, our collaboration with Standard Chartered Bank will enable these young girls to grow into empowered women."

    Sheetal Mehta

    Executive Director of the K. C. Mahindra Education Trust

  • "Akanksha's foray into improving the Public-School education system began around 10 years ago. Our aim is to help parents from the poorest communities who struggle to make ends meet, dream of a brighter future and hope for a better life for their children. Our school practices and strategies focus on building positive and memorable experiences for children and this is possible only because of the belief and trust that our partners have in us. Standard Chartered Bank supports two of our schools in Mumbai and we have been able to implement innovative instruction strategies, introduce a variety of after-school programs, provide our teachers the necessary training and professional development and partner with the parents of our students to impact the wider community. Without the generous support of the entire team at Standard Chartered, we would not be able fulfil the dreams of hundreds of our students and their parents."

    Saurabh Taneja

    CEO, The Akanksha Foundation